What GameStop Says About Decentralized Finance
Medium10 Feb 2021 | 20:38 pm
Pantera Bitcoin Fund is the best-performing bitcoin fund or trust in the United States. The fund has no lockups, audited financials, and is managed by a SEC registered investment advisor. Pantera is shorting GameStop to the tune of about 140% of its float.
Pantera Blockchain Blog, January 2021
Medium28 Jan 2021 | 20:24 pm
Pantera Capital is the first institutional investment firm focused exclusively on bitcoin, other digital currencies, and companies in the blockchain tech ecosystem. Pantera recently concluded raising its third venture fund and currently manage seven funds in three product groups — passive, hedge, and venture. If you’re interested in partnering with us for investment, please reach out to ir@panteracapital.com.
Investing in Wintermute
Medium20 Jan 2021 | 16:47 pm
Wintermute is one of the largest liquidity providers in DeFi, CeFi, and OTC spot markets. Founded in 2017, the company provides liquidity for hundreds of traded pairs across dozens of exchange partners and offers market-making services to early-stage projects and exchanges. Wintermute holds the #1 place on the global Bitfinex leaderboard for volumes.
Dragonfly + NEAR
Medium19 Jan 2021 | 00:17 am
Dragonfly has made a significant investment in NEAR and is joining the NEAR Validator Advisory Board. Dragonfly runs the third largest validator on mainnet and will support NEAR in its next phase of mainnet adoption. NEAR is the closest thing to Ethereum 2.0’s vision of a sharded scalable blockchain, but launched years before it.
Bitcoin Rally (2017 vs. Today)
Medium14 Jan 2021 | 15:53 pm
Bitcoin halvings have a huge impact on supply and it takes a couple of years to see the full impact. The typical trough is 1.3 years before the halving and, on average, the market peaks 1.2 years after. Bitcoin is exactly on track with the forecast we made in our April investor letter. We’re still below the 10-year exponential compound return trend line.
2021 Hashed Blockchain & Crypto Market Predictions
Medium07 Jan 2021 | 02:04 am
A solid and continuous Bitcoin bull run is expected in 2021. Bitcoin's total market capitalization has exceeded that of the stressed countries’ currencies such as Venezuela’s. In 2021, there may be even countries purchasing Bitcoin as a reserve asset. Stablecoins based on public blockchains will be forced to consider decentralized systems.
Our Response to Proposed Rules from FinCEN and the Dept. of Treasury
Medium05 Jan 2021 | 02:08 am
Electric Capital recently submitted comments during FinCEN’s open comment period for proposed rules on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The firm is a venture capital investment firm with backing from top US university endowments, healthcare systems, and philanthropies. It has provided seed capital to companies with a combined market capitalization of over $20 billion and employs thousands of people.
Fighting to be STABLE: the Evolution of Stablecoins
Medium24 Dec 2020 | 01:03 am
The STABLE Act would force stablecoin reserves to be regulated like bank deposits. This would be a massive setback to stablecoins, which serve as the de facto money of the crypto ecosystem today. In the long term, centralized stablecoins will gradually become more and more restricted, pushing the crypto economy toward decentralized stablecoins.
Bitcoin Demand = 3x Supply
Medium19 Dec 2020 | 01:16 am
Bitcoin’s price has been growing by an order of magnitude every couple of years, and so has the number of people using it. The price is only nine weeks behind the pace of the growth, and it could get to $115,000 by August, according to Pantera. The number of users using bitcoin has grown by ten times as many as it has in recent years.
Investing in 1inch
Medium02 Dec 2020 | 18:30 pm
1inch’s core protocol is a DEX aggregator, designed to be the one-stop platform for traders to access liquidity from various DEXes and liquidity protocols. The aggregator's Pathfinder algorithm discovers the best swapping route and splits the trade across different exchanges. 1inch is also releasing a network token, 1INCH, to incentivize safe, permissionless network operations.
DeFi Alliance and investing in Balancer, 1inch + 3 more
Medium01 Dec 2020 | 01:30 am
Pantera Capital is the first institutional investment firm focused exclusively on bitcoin, other digital currencies, and companies in the blockchain tech ecosystem. Pantera recently concluded raising its third venture fund and currently manage seven funds in three product groups — passive, hedge, and venture. The firm is proud to officially be a part of the DeFi Alliance.
Investing in Balancer
Medium20 Nov 2020 | 18:45 pm
US-based startup Balancer, which is a next-generation automated market maker (AMM) built on top of Ethereum, has become the world's third largest decentralized exchange by total pooled assets, reaching a high of $1.5 billion during the recent DeFi surge. Balancer's Core Pools allow liquidity providers to deposit up to eight ERC20 tokens with any percentage allocation, as low as 2% or 98%.
Bitcoin Shortage
Medium20 Nov 2020 | 16:01 pm
Pantera Bitcoin Fund's Founder Bill Miller has said that Bitcoin's price is 52% below its long-term regression trend at $18,000 (₹17 lakh) and would put the cryptocurrency at $37,000 today. "The influx of capital to decentralised finance protocols and major projects like Polkadot and Filecoin freeing to trade have generated substantial alpha for our fund strategies," he added.
Our Investment in Oasis Network — Privacy-preserving blockchain for the new data economy
Medium20 Nov 2020 | 08:53 am
US-based startup Oasis Labs has announced the mainnet launch of the Oasis Network as an investor and a validator. The network has a unique architecture that separates consensus operations from computing into two main layers: Consensus Layer and ParaTime Layer. This design allows the network to support many different parallel compute environments that can be customized for a broad set of use cases.
KR1 October Update
Medium10 Nov 2020 | 12:59 pm
US-based startup KR1, a leading digital asset investment firm in the early stages of decentralised and open-source blockchain and crypto-focussed investments, has backed Polkadot. KR1 said that it is "firmly in the top ten of cryptocurrencies in terms of network valuation". KR1 also announced that it has sold a part of its holdings in the cryptocurrency platform to generate revenue.
DeFi 2.0 Innovations for Institutional Adoption
Medium04 Nov 2020 | 08:02 am
The New York-based Co-founder of cryptocurrency startup Square, John DeFi, has said there could be a market for Bitcoin for sections of 1st, 2nd and 3rd world economies that are, for their own particular reasons, underbanked, typically sole traders / SMEs, in particular those that can not otherwise access affordable debt. DeFi adoption beyond today’s 5% of crypto has to start somewhere.
PayPal Introduces 300 Million Users To Crypto
Medium29 Oct 2020 | 17:04 pm
PayPal has announced that it is launching a new service that enables customers to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrency directly from their PayPal accounts. It is also planning to break into the crypto-payments sector by allowing users to fund purchases with crypto at PayPal's 26 million merchants worldwide. This is one of the biggest developments for the industry this year.
KR1 September Update
Medium16 Oct 2020 | 14:16 pm
US-based startup KR1 has invested in Moonbeam, an Ethereum compatible smart contract platform on the Polkadot network. Moonbeam is a new, scalable blockchain that makes it easy to build decentralised decentralised applications (dApps) that can integrate and run in parallel with other blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The project is currently in active development and is expected to reach mainnet by mid-2021.
Introducing CoFiX: a Next-Generation AMM
Medium07 Oct 2020 | 15:53 pm
US-based cryptocurrency Uniswap's one-size-fits-all pricing function will get outcompeted by specialized approaches like CoFiX, a next-generation automated market maker (AMM) that uses external oracle data to inform its pricing algorithm, according to Forbes. By taking into account historical volatility and other pair-specific parameters, it tailors its pricing function closer to how an intelligent market maker would do, Forbes said.
Our Investment in Dune Analytics
Medium23 Sep 2020 | 14:44 pm
US-based blockchain analysis startup Dune Analytics has raised an undisclosed amount in a seed funding round led by Dragonfly Research. The startup is building a global real-time platform for on-chain and DeFi data. Dune's users can build complex queries of blockchain data directly through Dune’s built-in editor. This allows Dune to have faster, more up-to-date information than any of its rivals.
The Decentralizer’s Dilemma
Medium22 Sep 2020 | 15:59 pm
US-based cryptocurrency DeFi is still in the early stages of its growth and needs to grow up, Co-founder and CEO Michael Gautam has said. He said, "DeFi just remains a niche ecosystem! A small group of enthusiasts who are aligned with the vision of decentralised finance continue to trade, lend, and borrow using this web of protocols."