SIREN - Decentralized Options For Sophisticated Traders
DeFi Pulse01 Mar 2021 | 21:19 pm
Siren Markets is set to launch SIREN Markets on March 1. The on-chain options marketplace will be the first of its kind in the market. The protocol tokenizes both the long and short sides of an options contract as ERC20 tokens which enables options to be traded via its AMM design requiring no third-party settling mechanism to complete option settlement on chain.
Weekly Onchain Insights: Crypto crashing and speculation spiking
Medium26 Feb 2021 | 12:33 pm
Every week the IntoTheBlock team publishes a newsletter that summarizes key data insights about the crypto market. Bitcoin price is currently sitting at $46,421.15, and is down 13.81% over the past week. We observe that there isn’t significant support that could prevent BTC from returning to $39k.
IntoTheBlock Analytics now available in Bitcoin Mexico
Medium25 Feb 2021 | 14:24 pm
Bitcoin Mexico has released a new section on its site powered by IntoTheBlock. Users will now find a dashboard under the Price and Markets sections. The dashboard delivers a more fundamental way of analyzing a crypto asset’s behavior, with proprietary ITB indicators such as “Holders Making Money at Current Price” and “Concentration of Large Holders” among others.
Building High Frequency Trading Strategies for DeFi: Some Ideas and Notes
Medium25 Feb 2021 | 14:12 pm
Yesterday I presented a session describing some ideas and lessons we have learned while building high-frequency trading (HFT) in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. While traditional HFT is mostly about speed, DeFi-HFT cares about gas price and miner activity. Heuristics for accumulating gas are super important. Integration with private mining pools can help improve the winning rate of opportunities.
Introducing Cryptodollars
DeFi Pulse23 Feb 2021 | 19:00 pm
DeFi Pulse has launched a new page dedicated to measuring the amount of tokenized dollars in DeFi. At the time of writing, the total value locked in cryptodollars exceeds $34.5 billion. At launch, the following cryptodollar categories will be included: USDT, USDC, DAI, BUSD, HUSD, TUSD, sUSD, GUSD, MUSD, and DUSD.
Reflexer – Crypto-Native Stability Built for DeFi
DeFi Pulse21 Feb 2021 | 21:22 pm
Reflexer’s RAI is an ETH-backed, non pegged stable asset known as a reflex index whose monetary policy is managed by an on-chain, autonomous controller. DeFi users can borrow RAI via Reflexer by depositing ETH as collateral into a “Safe” that must maintain a minimum collateral ratio of 145%. If a Safe position fails to maintain this ratio, it will incur a liquidation penalty and the protocol will sell collateral to keepers at a discounted rate.
Weekly Onchain Insights: The Michael Saylor Effect
Medium19 Feb 2021 | 11:48 am
Every week the IntoTheBlock team publishes a newsletter that summarizes key data insights about the crypto market. Bitcoin is showing strong correlation with other crypto-related equities such as PayPal, Bakkt, Square or Silvergate. Bitcoin's average transaction size recently hit a record of $440,000, reaching new highs in institutional activity.
No, Bitcoin is not Behaving Like Gold But Rather as a Volatile Large-Cap Equity.
Medium18 Feb 2021 | 14:26 pm
The theory of Bitcoin as digital Gold has been dominating the narratives in financial media outlets. Bitcoin is showing no apparent linear correlations with Gold and Silver. Instead we should think of Bitcoin these days as a highly volatile large-cap equity. Just like Bitcoin, the IPO market is super hot.
Alt Season Takes a Break as Bitcoin Hits $50k
Medium18 Feb 2021 | 11:02 am
MicroStrategy has announced plans to issue $600 million worth of convertible notes with the proceeds used to buy Bitcoin. This would be the second time Michael Saylor’s company has done this, which explains why its stock has been trading almost as an unofficial leveraged Bitcoin ETF. Beyond MicroStrategy, an increasing number of institutions are looking into Bitcoin.
Vesper - Toward a Sustainable Ecosystem of DeFi Products
DeFi Pulse14 Feb 2021 | 16:57 pm
Vesper Finance’s first product, Vesper Grow, offers users an easier way to passively earn a yield with their tokens. The product features a modular, multi-pool design enabling pools to adapt and transition strategies behind the scenes. Vesper aims to create DeFi products with a “set-and-forget” experience that adhere to its stated Core Principles.
Weekly Onchain Insights: Elon, Tesla and Bitcoin Performance
Medium12 Feb 2021 | 15:00 pm
Tesla has become the second-largest publicly-traded company to hold Bitcoin, only surpassed by MicroStrategy. Tesla’s $1.5 billion investment drove the price of Bitcoin to new highs, and at the moment of writing, Bitcoin's price is sitting at $47,809.03, rising by 26.55% over the last 7 days. Bitcoin has become one of the best-performing assets of 2020 and 2021.
Now You Can Access the Datasets Powering All IntoTheBlock Crypto-Analytics
Medium11 Feb 2021 | 14:29 pm
ITB has enabled data download capabilities across all the 200 plus analytics included in the platform. When looking at any indicator, simply click the download button on the top right corner and you can access a CSV dataset with the underlying data of that specific visualization. This is just the first step in order to open ITB’s massive datasets to third party analysts.
Tesla, Dogecoin & Institutional Interest
Medium11 Feb 2021 | 14:13 pm
Tesla announced it bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin and plans to accept crypto as payments. The electric vehicle company is now the second largest publicly-traded corporation holding Bitcoin, second only to MicroStrategy. Tesla may be kicking off interest amongst a broader category of large corporations. Dogecoin's market capitalization has grown to over $10 billion.
Comparing Bitcoin and Ethereum Against Equities, Commodities, ETFs, Market Indices and More
Medium09 Feb 2021 | 13:59 pm
Over 80 analytics have been added to IntoTheBlock Capital Market Insights, a suite of over 80 analytics that provide insights about crypto-assets relative to capital market vehicles. The release provides a rich set of interactive visualizations that can be used to compare and contrast Bitcoin and Ethereum against popular asset classes.
Futureswap - Decentralized Perpetual Futures with up to 10x Leverage
DeFi Pulse08 Feb 2021 | 22:12 pm
Futureswap V2 Beta has been launched on mainnet. The platform is a hybrid between Uniswap and a perpetual futures exchange platform governed by the community. It features live pricing and a Dynamic Funding Rate (DFR) that allows traders to open long or short futures positions with up to 10x leverage.
Weekly Onchain Insights: All Hail AAVE
Medium05 Feb 2021 | 11:16 am
Every week the IntoTheBlock team publishes a newsletter that summarizes key data insights about the crypto market. By analyzing the profitability of traders near the current price of Bitcoin, we can understand the circumstances and price ranges expected to act as support and resistance now. The IOMAP is useful for traders to know the next price levels where addresses are expected to buy and sell based on users' on-chain positions and unrealized profits.
3 Key Insights of the Crypto Bull Market
Medium04 Feb 2021 | 13:23 pm
On-chain data shows millions of addresses have been chasing Ether’s all-time highs. The number of addresses holding Bitcoin for under one month is also at its highest level. After more than three years, the number of Google searches for “crypto” has surpassed the levels seen in the first week of January 2018.
IntoTheBlock Analytics now available in crypto portal TradeInCrypto
Medium03 Feb 2021 | 14:33 pm
Users will find ITB analytics in the BTC and ETH pages of Users will find a section called “Onchain Metrics” below the given crypto asset’s price chart. This section contains some of IntoTheBlock's most popular indicators. The dashboard is divided in two sections.
Alpha Homora V2 - Yield Farm With Up To 9x Leverage
DeFi Pulse31 Jan 2021 | 23:58 pm
Alpha Homora V2 is set to launch on February 1st. It will allow yield farmers to leverage liquidity pools on Curve, Balancer, SushiSwap, and Uniswap. Lenders will be able to lend ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI, and ETH to farm CRV, PERP, or SUSHI tokens with up to 9x leverage. Alpha Homora is also offering additional rewards for both farmers and lenders.
Weekly Onchain Insights: UNIcorns Lead the Way
Medium29 Jan 2021 | 11:21 am
In this week’s newsletter, IntoTheBlock will provide a data-centric perspective of the recent growth from both the Uniswap protocol and the governance token UNI. UNI has nearly doubled its price over the last 7 days, recently reaching a new all-time high of $15.33. DeFi tokens have been outperforming decentralized exchanges (DEXs).
This Week in Crypto: A Data Perspective
Medium28 Jan 2021 | 14:59 pm
Ether’s exchange outflows reached its highest level to date in the past week. Over $1 billion more Ether was withdrawn than deposited into centralized exchanges. This could be interpreted as a bullish signal, as funds outside centralized exchanges are typically harder or more expensive to sell. The number of traders for Ether reached a multi-year high in January.