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Governance: Why Crypto Investors Should Care May 2021 | 20:28 pm
DAO was stateless and decentralized, meaning that its operations were not tied to a specific geographic area. DAO token holders could vote on projects for investment and the relationship between them and the overall organization was governed by smart contracts on the blockchain. Large investors in the project demanded a hard fork, which would have refunded investors by creating a "withdraw" function in the code.

11 Cryptos that are on the Move in 2021 Apr 2021 | 15:00 pm
Vantagepoint AI has added Eos, Cardano, Omisego, and Monero to its artificial intelligence forecasting software for traders. Vantagepoint also added 28 new pairs (Chainlink, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum pairings) to its advanced AI forecasting software. The company also added Dash, NEO, and XRP.

Solving Cryptocurrency’s Usability Crisis

Medium28 Apr 2021 | 18:26 pm
Dash aims to become one of the first cryptocurrencies that regular users will leverage for daily transactions. Founded in 2014, Dash initially focused on solving the confidentiality issue for transactions by creating a built-in coin mixing service. It then expanded to tackle additional pressing issues such as decentralized governance and funding, advanced security, and, most important of all, usability.

BTC, ETH, XRP, ADA, YFI, BZRX, DASH—Technical Analysis April 28

BeInCrypto28 Apr 2021 | 09:56 am
Ethereum (ETH) reached a new all-time high price on April 28. XRP (XRP) has completed a fourth wave pullback. Dash (DASH) is trading in a range between $245 and $330. Yearn Finance (YFI) has bounced at an important support area.

Mark Cuban: Dogecoin Growth Limited by Robinhood’s Withdrawal Policy

Decrypt27 Apr 2021 | 18:13 pm
Dallas Mavericks NBA team owner Mark Cuban has become an advocate for Dogecoin. He said that Robinhood is limiting the growth of the meme coin. The mobile stock trading app also lets users purchase, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies, but they can’t spend it or withdraw to another account, or add crypto assets purchased elsewhere to their wallet.

Dash Core Group Q1 2021 Quarterly Call

Dash Newsroom23 Apr 2021 | 00:33 am
Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor reported healthy growth in user adoption for Q1 2021 with an increase in mobile wallet installs on active devices and higher daily economic transaction count. Dash Core Group CTO Bob Carroll proudly presented an updated roadmap providing forward guidance on the upcoming 2021 development timeline for Dash Core, Dash Platform and Dashpay product releases.

Dash es usado para pagar el bonus del salario en una cadena venezolana - BeInCrypto

BeInCrypto19 Apr 2021 | 15:55 pm
Dash ha implementado exitosamente en Church Chicken Venezuela un piloto del primer sistema de pagos de bonificaciones al personal corporativo. Dash será utilizado para pagar el sobresueldo de sus empleados mediante la tecnología de la casa. Dash ha hecho un hueco muy grande

Church’s Chicken Venezuela Can Now Pay Staff With Dash Cryptocurrency

Dash Newsroom19 Apr 2021 | 07:18 am
Church's Chicken Venezuela has enabled Dash cryptocurrency as an employee salary bonus payment option for part of their office staff as a solution for the lack of infrastructure for payments in the country. Dash receivers can now experience up to a 95% reduction in checkout waiting times, and are able to pay exact amounts, or can simply avoid hyperinflation in Bolivars if they decide to cash out.

Updated Product Brief: DashCore Release v0.17

Medium16 Apr 2021 | 19:30 pm
Dash Core v0.17 is a major release and will be a mandatory upgrade for all masternodes, miners, and users. It introduces a new quorum type, several RPCs, and a way to limit Platform RPC access to a subset of allowed RPCs. DashCore’s BLS signature library has been updated based on Chia BLS library to support migration to a new signature scheme.

Updated Product Brief: Dash Core Release v0.17

Dash Newsroom16 Apr 2021 | 12:00 pm
DashCore v0.17 has been released. DashCore is a mandatory upgrade for all masternodes, miners, and users. Dash Platform has been expanded through the addition of a new quorum type, several RPCs, and a way to limit Platform RPC access to a subset of allowed RPCs. Upgrading a non-Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet to an HD wallet is now possible.

Brazil’s first cryptocurrency broker BitcoinToYou adds Dash to all of its services

Dash Newsroom14 Apr 2021 | 16:25 pm
BitcoinToYou, the first cryptocurrency broker in Brazil, has added Dash to its B2U Pay, a payment gateway for cryptocurrencies. Dash’s addition to these services allow more than 400,000 users of BitcoinToYou to trade and pay with Dash for their day-to-day needs. The company currently offers more than 29 cryptocurrencies to its clients in Brazil and the EU.

Tixl Adds Dash To Autobahn Network Building DeFi Bridge To Ethereum And Binance Smart Chain.

Dash Newsroom13 Apr 2021 | 01:06 am
Tixl has announced a partnership with DASH. DASH is a cryptocurrency designed to be better than today’s cash — instant, global and easy to use; with almost zero fees. Tixl's network plans to overcome high gas fees, making all mainnets interoperable and usable for DeFi. Once full interoperability is in place, DASH could open up swapping from DASH to any other cryptocurrencies.

XRP, SUSHI, Dash Price Analysis: 13 April

AMBCrypto13 Apr 2021 | 00:00 am
Following weeks of steady, sideways movement, Bitcoin finally breached its previous ATH to register a high of over $63,213 on the charts. Bitcoin’s movement had a corresponding effect on the rest of the market, with the likes of SushiSwap and Dash hiking.

The Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust Election Results 2021

Dash Newsroom12 Apr 2021 | 18:30 pm
The third annual election of the trust protectors for the Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust is now complete, and Dash Watch has completed its independent audit of the results. The trust is 100% owner of Dash Core Group, Inc. Dash Watch will begin confirming each of the candidates to their positions.

Partnership with DASH Next

Medium12 Apr 2021 | 13:56 pm
German startup Tixl has announced a partnership with Dash Next to bring DASH to its Autobahn Network. Dash Next is a Dash DAO funded proposal and is focusing on Business Development, Partnerships and Dash’s DeFi activities. The German startup is building an interoperable high-performance network for all kinds of tokens and data.

Mass adoption may take crypto toward centralization

Cointelegraph11 Apr 2021 | 00:00 am
A new generation of Lightning Network wallets, such as Phoenix, allow users to send and receive Bitcoin without being exposed to the complicated inner workings of the Lightning Network. Users can still keep full control over their money at all times, they just have to trust the Lightning Service Provider, or LSP, for a lot more than if they were just using Bitcoin on-chain.

Uniswap, EOS, Dash Price Analysis: 11 April

AMBCrypto11 Apr 2021 | 00:00 am
Dash could see gains till the upper ceiling of $333.9 before a correction takes place. EOS looked to test $7.06 resistance once again but a breakout was not yet expected. Uniswap projected rangebound movement with a chance of a breakdown below $29.16-support.

Litecoin, Elrond, Dash Price Analysis: 10 April

AMBCrypto11 Apr 2021 | 00:00 am
Litecoin failed to climb above $244.2 resistance, but its long-term prediction was still bullish. Elrond could break down from an ascending channel after touching $210, while Dash’s bearish indicators could hinder its attempt to rise above $291.4-resistance. Dash's recovery has been quite impressive over the past couple of weeks.

XRP’s Price Rises 30% to $1.30 in Mad Weekend Dash - Decrypt

Decrypt10 Apr 2021 | 15:46 pm
XRP, the native asset of the Ripple payments platform, has jumped 30% over the last 24 hours, from $1 to $1.30. The rise comes despite a legal challenge from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The SEC accused Ripple of raising $1 billion in ongoing unregistered securities sales since 2013.

DeFi Renaissance: Data Dash lists the DeFi coins to watch in April

Crypto News Flash10 Apr 2021 | 13:57 pm
Data Dash founder Nicholas Merten believes DeFi tokens will hit new highs in the next two weeks. He listed the coins to watch, including the market leaders Uniswap and SushiSwap, as well as the lower market cap coins like Warp Finance and 1inch. The decentralized finance sector has continued to grow and is setting new highs.

Dash is rated "Excellent" with 4.9 / 5 on Trustpilot

Trustpilot10 Apr 2021 | 09:17 am
"The fundamentals of Dash are very strong and are worth being highlighted every single day. The little that I have, I invested in Dash. It won't make me rich and I don't care. I believe in the project and continue to put all my free time in supporting it," he said.