TRON Century Mining: 5-in-1 Mining
Medium28 Feb 2021 | 14:45 pm
The TRON Foundation is launching TRON Century Mining, a three-month DeFi mining program with a $100 million bounty to support quality DeFi projects in the TRON community. TRON will provide a subsidy in TRX, BTT, JST, SUN, WIN, and WIN (collectively known as TRON Token Gift Pack) in the equivalent of up to $1,000,000 per day.
Yieldwatch (WATCH) IFO to be Hosted on PancakeSwap
Medium28 Feb 2021 | 10:02 am
Yieldwatch is the next Initial Farm Offering to be hosted on the PancakeSwap platform. Yieldwatch PRO will offer members a variety of additional features in comparison to the free version. The maximum supply of WATCH token is 20,000,000. The initial supply after the IFO is conducted will be 9,800,000 WATCH.
Goldman Sachs Relaunching Crypto Trading Desk After 3-Year Pause: Report - CoinDesk
CoinDesk01 Mar 2021 | 17:50 pm
Goldman Sachs has relaunched its cryptocurrency trading desk after a three-year hiatus and plans to once again support bitcoin futures trading beginning next week. The bank had originally planned to launch a crypto desk in 2017 but shelved those plans in 2018 due to regulatory concerns. Goldman may pursue a bitcoin exchange-traded fund as it deepens its push into digital assets.
Congress of the Mexican State of Quintana Roo Uses Avalanche to Optimize Transparency in its…
Medium01 Mar 2021 | 21:14 pm
The Congress of the Mexican State of Quintana Roo is implementing Avalanche to become the first national congress to use it for the digital certification of its legislative documentation. The initiative will guarantee the integrity and transparency of legislative documentation for citizens, entities, and deputies. Every initiative will be linked to a QR code, that when scanned will take readers to the site where they can download and validate the document.
Citi: Bitcoin at 'Tipping Point' as Institutions Come on Board - CoinDesk
CoinDesk01 Mar 2021 | 11:53 am
Bitcoin is at the “tipping point of its existence” thanks to large institutional investment and growing regulatory groundwork, according to a new report by Citi Global Perspectives and Solutions. Bitcoin could become the currency of choice for international trade thanks to its “decentralized design, lack of foreign exchange exposure, fast (and potentially cheaper) money movements, secure payment channels, and traceability.”
More Bitcoin! Michael Saylor’s MicroStrategy just keeps buying BTC
Cointelegraph01 Mar 2021 | 00:00 am
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor announced the purchase of 328 Bitcoin on Monday. The acquisition, which was paid for in cash, cost the firm around $15 million and equated to an average coin price of $45,710 at the time of purchase. The investment takes MicroStrategy’s total Bitcoin holdings to 90,859 coins, worth $4.3 billion.
Mark Cuban: Ethereum Will 'Disrupt the F--- Out Of' Big Software Companies - Decrypt
Decrypt01 Mar 2021 | 12:01 pm
Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has said he's excited by the "simplification of smart contracts" on the Ethereum blockchain. "I could see just disrupting the f--k out of them. I mean, imagine an accounting system where you have trained accountants that you pay as accountants, and there's, you know, thirty, forty validators around the world that are validating, and when I say pay, you pay them in tokens."
Jarvis Network Integrates Chainlink Oracles to Power their Synthetic Assets Protocol and Dex.
Medium01 Mar 2021 | 14:09 pm
Jarvis Network has successfully integrated Chainlink on the mainnet of the DeFi ecosystem. Users can now buy, sell and exchange synthetic assets that track the most up-to-date market price of various forex exchange trading pairs. The initial set of Chainlink Price Feeds being used on the Synthereum mainnet include three european fiat currencies.
PancakeSwap Welcomes IoTeX to Syrup Pool!
Medium28 Feb 2021 | 14:52 pm
CAKE holders can stake CAKE tokens, to earn IOTX tokens! Stake CAKE to earn CAKE token rewards for the first 48 hours and then 1% CAKE rewards after that. Staking CAKE-BUSD will require a BSC farm to host the Syrup Pool, which needs to be approved via a vote.
inSure DeFi Integrates Chainlink’s Historical Price Data Oracles to Power its Decentralized Crypto…
Medium01 Mar 2021 | 11:31 am
InSure DeFi has integrated Chainlink oracles live on the mainnet to access Historical Price Feeds for crypto insurance purposes. The initial integration involves utilizing historical data on Ethereum trading pairs to calculate market volatility and dynamically adjust premiums for different crypto-insurance plans. Chainlink’s oracles provide a secure and reliable bridge for transferring claims processing decisions on-chain to trigger user payouts.
E-Commerce Giant Rakuten Now Lets Users Shop With Cryptocurrency - CoinDesk
CoinDesk01 Mar 2021 | 10:03 am
Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten is now allowing users to spend bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at merchants throughout Japan. Users of its cryptocurrency wallet can exchange bitcoin, ether and bitcoin cash for the firm's e-money, Rakuten Cash, to charge its Pay app and Point credit card. The firm says it's not levying fees on such transfers, which can range from 1,000 yen ($9.37) to a maximum of $937.
MicroStrategy Keeps Stacking Sats With Additional $15M Bitcoin Buy - CoinDesk
CoinDesk01 Mar 2021 | 13:39 pm
MicroStrategy has bought another 328 bitcoin, bringing its total to 90,859 BTC. This comes less than a week after it spent over $1 billion on bitcoin. CEO Michael Saylor tweeted the holdings had been bought for around $2.186 billion, meaning the firm is already sitting on a roughly $2 billion profit.
En route to $200K? Bitcoin closed February 26% above Stock-to-Flow model price
Cointelegraph02 Mar 2021 | 00:00 am
Bitcoin is outpacing the Stock-to-Flow (S2F) model, which predicts that the BTC price would eventually reach $200,000 by December 2021. The S2F model forecasts the long-term price trend of Bitcoin by taking two main factors into account, namely the amount of BTC in existence (the stock) and newly mined coins entering the market (the flow).
Fuse Will Use Chainlink Proof of Reserve to Mint and Verify the Collateralization of FuseDollar…
Medium02 Mar 2021 | 14:03 pm
Fuse is launching its own network-native stable coin, FuseDollar. Chainlink will be the oracle provider for Fuse’s stable coin. Fuse will use the Chainlink Proof of Reserve oracle solution that automates the auditing and minting of the stablecoin. The stable coin is 100% backed by USD Coin deposited in a dedicated Ethereum smart contract.
TrueUSD Launches Natively on Avalanche, Bringing US Dollar Liquidity to its DeFi Ecosystem
Medium02 Mar 2021 | 12:00 pm
TrueUSD, one of the most transparent stablecoins on the market, launches on Avalanche as first of several TrustToken products coming to Avalanche. Users can now access TUSD on Avalanche directly through TrustToken’s TrueCurrencies App. TrustToken plans to bring additional products to Avalanche that build on TUSD.
ICON Development Roadmap Update — February 2021
Medium28 Feb 2021 | 19:42 pm
ICON is releasing a hotfix to fix an issue with block syncing on Yeouido testnet. ICON and the iBriz-ICONOsphere P-Rep team announced the release of the Contribution Proposal System (CPS). The CPS will have initial funding of 250,000 ICX but will continue receiving block rewards until ICON 2.0.
Bitcoin is at a ‘tipping point’ in international trade, Citi says
Cointelegraph01 Mar 2021 | 00:00 am
Bitcoin is at a "tipping point" to either become the preferred currency for international trade or face a "speculative implosion," Citigroup analysts reportedly said. The news comes amid a major correction on the cryptocurrency market, with Bitcoin dropping below $44,000 yesterday after hitting a new all-time high of above $58,000 earlier in February.
Staking 3.0 is now live!
Medium01 Mar 2021 | 17:40 pm
Over 1,300 new applicants were admitted to Staking 3.0, in the course of 10 days. Seats were filled and staking amounts approved on a first-come-first-served basis. Priority was given to current stakers, then to stakers from the Staking 2.0 waiting list, and then to overall new stakers.
Introducing Gateway
Medium01 Mar 2021 | 17:43 pm
Compound Labs has launched a testnet for a cross-chain interest rate market based on the Compound protocol. The testnet, Gateway, is a Substrate blockchain governed by Compound token-holders on Ethereum. Gateway is fully upgradeable, and governance is able to directly upgrade the blockchain by voting on code upgrades.
Why Nano is the ultimate store of value and reserve currency
Medium01 Mar 2021 | 16:01 pm
I believe we are reaching the end of a cycle in which we have fiat currencies as reserve currencies. Too much collective debt has been built up, and this is being propped up by central banks who are running out of ammunition. With record debt outstanding and a slowdown in growth and consumption, there is one primary dial that central banks can turn to support the economy — they can expand the money supply.
PancakeSwap Welcomes Multiplier to Syrup Pool!
Medium01 Mar 2021 | 11:05 am
Multi-Chain Lend (MCL) is an algorithmic money market system designed to bring secure and unique lending and borrowing opportunities like flash loans onto the Binance Smart Chain. bMXX is the governance token of MCL. Depositors earn interest on MCL by providing liquidity to lending pools, while borrowers may obtain loans from these same pools.